1932 MG car, model J2 purchased new by P. Thrale

I am trying to track the history of an automobile that has been in my family for the last 30 years. It is a 1932 MG model J2 that was purchased new by P. Thrale. The car was sold to him (her?) on December 25, 1932 by Heal & White of West Horsley, Surrey. I’m hoping that some member of the Thrale family might remember this car. It is a two seat roadster that was painted black with red upholstery and carried APA 85 registration plates.

I would love to know about P. Thrale, how long he owned the car, and what the car was used for (daily transport, competition?). Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I am looking forward to hearing from one or more of the Thrales.

Mikel Northcraft

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A quick search of the family tree for a Thrale, with a first name starting P and born before 1914 (based on being at least 18 years old in 1932, reveals two possibilities:

  1. Peter Ralph Alwen Thrale - an army lieutenant, turned horse trainer, living and working in Surrey, or
  2. Phyllis Emily Alwen Thrale - also living in Surrey

Both are first cousins. You can see their relationship here.

What is also interesting is the registration date is Christmas day - a present?

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