According to Queeney

  • Posted on: 29 November 2009
  • By: David Thrale

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First, what a great site is!

Second, you might be interested to know that Beryl Bainbridge is talking to the Streatham Society about "Streatham and the Thrales" on the 17th February 2003. See the Streatham Society web site for details.

Peter Main
Treasurer and General Factotum
Streatham Society

Bainbridge's novel refers (in Chapter 3, "Sweeting") to a sitting by Hester for a portrait by Hogarth. Is this true, and, if so, where is the painting now?

Great web site, by the way!

Ed Paulson

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It is said - by Hester in Thraliana - that aged 14 she was the lady in William Hogarth’s 1758-9 painting The Lady’s Last Stake, and was given by Hogarth a monkey’s paw mounted in a base of silver as a reward.

I believe that the painting is now at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo, NY, USA.

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Have you heard about the Beryl Bainbridge book, According to Queeney - were you consulted - and what do you think of it?

Janet Rose
Jersey Farm, Sandridge - site now defunct


I have added your book and have placed information on telling people about it, including a link to your web site. If you want to let me know where people can get it, I'll add that information (I bought my copy of your book from the vicar at St Leonard's Church, Sandridge).

I am currently reading Beryl Bainbridge's book Beryl Bainbridge's book and I'm enjoying it. No, she didn't consult me in its production. However I have since met her at a book signing and also at 'An Evening with Beryl Bainbridge' organised by a Women's book club in London.

Did you see According to Beryl, the BBC television programme on Saturday about Bainbridge's book and the Thrale's? I have it on tape and hope to make this available at a future date through the web site to those who missed this. The BBC seem to have got hold of some material that I haven't come across before. Fortunately I know someone who works there and they have spoken to the researcher who seems amenable to giving me a little help.

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Just wanted to say what a super website. I have just read According to Queeney and your site was just what the doctor ordered. Well thought out and beautifully presented.

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