Bath and Bristol homes

  • Posted on: 26 September 2009
  • By: David Thrale

An account of all residences Hester or Henry are known to have had in Bath or Bristol 


North Parade

Henry and Hester Thrale had lodgings here in the spring of 1776, and Johnson had a room here as well1.

14 South Parade

In April 1780, Henry and Hester Thrale took up residence in 14 South Parade. This property was recommended by Sir Philip Jennings and was at the east end of fashionable South Parade. Today a commemorative tablet on the wall informs passes by that Fanny Burney stayed there in 1780. Unfortunately the tablet does not mention the names of Fanny's hosts and friends - the Thrales.

Beaumont Street and Alfred Street

From around 1788, Hester and Gabriel Piozzi, were spending more time in Bath. Here they are know to have had residences in Beaumont Street and Alfred Street.

77 Pulteney Street

Hester and Gabriel Piozzi were known to be staying here "in their usual house" between 1 December 1805 - 7 March 1806. The house was next to Hannah More's house.

8 Gay Street

Hester's last permanent lodgings were at this ornate little house between 1814 and 1817. The house was designed by John Wood the Elder for Robert Gay, a London surgeon who owned the land and gave the street its name. A bronze tablet is affixed to the outside of the wall commemorating Hester's residence.

New King Street

Hester took temporary residence here when she left Brynbella.



Hester Thrale moved here in the Summer of 1820. The house was in Royal York Crescent. For a short while while this house was repaired, she stayed in Penzance. On her return the house was not ready so she took residence at 120 Sion Hill, Clifton, where she died.

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