Henry Thrale's courtship letter

  • Posted on: 15 September 2009
  • By: David Thrale

Henry Thrale c.1770-1780 by Francis Wheatley. Yale Centre for British Art

Henry Thrale wrote this letter to Hester Lynch Salusbury - his future wife - and her mother Hester Maria Cotton requesting to call on them. He proposed, about three months later they were married.

“;Mr. Thrale presents His most respectful compliments to Mrs. & Miss Salusbury & wishes to God He could of communicated His Sentiments to them last night, which is absolutely impossible for Him to do to any other person breathing; He therefore most ardently begs to see Them at any Hour this afternoon, & he will at all Events immediately enter upon this very interesting Subject, & when once begun, there is no Danger of His wandering upon any other: in short, see them, He must, for He assures them, with the greatest truth & Sincerity, that They have murder’d Peace & Happiness at Home.”;

Written by Henry Thrale. 28 June 1763.

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