Hermione Thrale

We recently began to research my wife's family history, and we have discovered that her paternal grandmother was Hermione Thrale who married Edgar Wilsher (also spelt Wilshire), in 1915. Unfortunately, Hermione died when only 39 years old in about 19311. They had 6 children, 4 boys who grew to adulthood, another boy2 who died at the age of 10 and a girl3 who died after just 6 weeks.

My wife's name is Carol (née Wilsher) and she is the only child of Hermione and Edgar's second son, Roy, who died in 1980. Carol's remaining relative from her father's generation (his sister-in-law) says that she heard of three of Hermione's sisters - Maud4, Jess5 and Cissy - although she thinks that Cissy may have been a cousin.

Much more work to do though. The Thrale site is excellent for that side of the family, but researching the Wilsher side will be more of a challenge.

Gerald (wife of a Thrale descendant and therefore very interested)