John Salusbury illegitimate child?

Do you know if John Salusbury, husband of Hester Maria and father of Hester (married to Henry Thrale) had another child, probably out of wedlock, after he and his wife went their separate ways?

The Caulton family in New Zealand descend from the Cottons of Combermere, and there is a possibility of a link with a John Salusbury offspring as information which cross-checks seems to indicate a son. Have you ever come across a link to the Caulton line/? Do you know of a son born to John Salusbury and a Caulton lady who lived in Derbyshire?

Sonia Kellett

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I was not aware that John and Hester were divorced or separated. They were living together at the time of his death. John did spend some time in Novia Scotia. Though. I also have not come across a reference to a child outside wedlock. owner: David Thrale | My blog | Family motto: In cruce confido

David, firstly, let me congratulate you on the excellent job you have done researching and putting together the Thrale story.

I have read much Cotton and Hester Thrale/Dr Samuel Johnson material, and it appears that Hester Maria's brother (Sir Robert Salusbury Cotton) did his very best to remove his sister from her husband John Salusbury. John Salusbury had squandered his own money and was starting to dip into his sister's money. He offered mother and daughter the use of his London home if they would make a break from him - there was also the intention to change his will leaving his estate to little Hester, but as you know he died suddenly before his Will could be changed.

Hester wrote:

at which period we left Wales and came to my uncle's house in Albemarle Street, where he told my mother he should follow in less than 2 months; make a new will, and leave poor Fiddle 10,000. ... I fancy some rough words passed concerning this by my uncle certainly but ill-brooked my father's pride, and he still less willingly endured being informed that, if his quality friends would provide him some distant establishment, my mother and myself should share the old baronet's fortune.

Sonia Kellett