Marriage registrations

Here are our incomplete transcriptions of the Family Record Centre's indexes for Thrale and Thrall individuals in England and Wales. Records are broken into quarters. For example, a birth registered between 1 January and 31 March, will be shown as Jan-Feb-Mar. Some births may have taken place in the quarter preceding that in which they were registered.

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Year Quarter Forename(s) Surname Mothers maiden name Registration districtsort descending Page Volume Have certificate? Note Record
1913 Qtr 3: Jul-Aug-Sep Ralph Thrale Taylor Fulham 754 1a view
1918 Qtr 4: Oct-Nov-Dec John W Thrall North Fylde 1137 8a view
1918 Qtr 4: Oct-Nov-Dec Miriam K Thrale Gaylord Godstone 565 2a view
1922 Qtr 3: Jul-Aug-Sep Henry L Thrale Shearsmith Grantham 1217 7a view
1954 Qtr 4: Oct-Nov-Dec Neville L Thrale Leeman Grantham 210 3b view
1962 Qtr 1: Jan-Feb-Mar Christina R Thrale Bunyan Greenwich 1334 5c view
1902 Qtr 1: Jan-Feb-Mar Ada Thrall Halifax 671 9a view
1918 Qtr 3: Jul-Aug-Sep Jessie Thrale Guylor Hampstead 1755 1a view
1960 Qtr 3: Jul-Aug-Sep Margaret Thrale Nye Hampstead 1971 5c view
1956 Qtr 4: Oct-Nov-Dec Virgil G Thrall Purkiss Harrow 773 5f view