Other London homes

  • Posted on: 26 September 2009
  • By: David Thrale

Hanover Square

After their return from Italy in March 1787 Hester and Gabriel Piozzi briefly moved into a large leased house in fashionable Hanover Square. On 3 January 1791, Hester wrote in Thraliana...

I am glad that Hanover Square house is let, or going to be Let to Lord Dumfries; our Establishment 1 here is too magnificent for the admission of other Expenses.

The Hanover Square house was on the South side of the square at the corner of St. George's Street. The building stood until after World War II, when it was pulled down. Vogue House now stands in its place.

Harley Street

After Henry Thrale's death, Hester Thrale rented a house in Harley Street between January and March 1782, in which she lived with her daughters. The house was too small to accommodate Johnson. On 4 January 1782, Hester Thrale wrote in Thraliana…

I have taken a House in Harley Street for these three Months next ensuing, & hope to have some Society--not Company tho'; crouds are out of the Question, but People will not come hither on short Days, & 'tis too dull to live all alone so. The World will watch me at first, & think I come o' husband hunting for myself or my fair Daughter: but when I have behaved prettily for a while, they will change their Mind.

Argylle Street

During the winter of 1782, Hester Thrale rented a house in Argyle Street.

Russell Street

In early 1783 Hester Thrale and her daughters lived in a house in Russell Street.

Duke Street

In Thraliana Hester wrote on 28 October 1783…

I live in Duke Street now not Russell Street--that house was so far from the 2 pump: & now the People say Miss Thrales will be in Danger from Blacklegs.

Wellbeck Street

After their marriage in 1784, Henry and Hester Thrale had their own lodgings in Welbeck Street.

30 Berners Street

Hester Thrale took temporary residence her in the days immediately preceding her marriage to Gabriel Piozzi on 25 July 1784.

Other London residences

Hester Thrale wrote3

I was thinking to Day how many Places had seen me resident in London:

  1. King Street Soho.
  2. Albermarle Street.
  3. Great Queen Street, Lincolns Inn Fields.
  4. Charles Street, St. James' Square.
  5. Doctors Commons.
  6. Another House in Charles Street, St. James' Square.
  7. 24 Dean Street, Soho4.
  8. Borough of Southwark.
  9. Parliament Street.
  10. Hanover Square.
  11. Grosvenor Square.
  12. Harley Street.
  13. Argylle Street.
  14. Bond Street.
  15. Mortimer Street.
  16. Barners Street.
  17. Hanover Square.
  18. Vere Street.
  19. Charles Street, St. Jame(s).
  20. Leicester Square.
  21. Holles Street, Cavendish Square.
  • 1. [Streatham Park]2.
  • 2. Water pump.
  • 3. Thraliana note 25 June 1804. When Hester Thrale wrote this list - two hundred years ago - Streatham was considered not to be part of London, but the countryside. Now, Streatham is part of Greater London.
  • 4. This was the home of John Salusbury - Hester's father - next to a little church in which many Salusbury's were wed. The church was destroyed during World War 2. The house stood until in 1965 when it was demolished.

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