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Lucy Winchell

Female - 1821

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(Notes: You may have to scroll down or right to see chart.)

Mary Thrall Female
Titus Jr. Adams Male
Timothy Adams Male
Benjamin Adams Male
James Adams Male
Orpha Barton Female
Amanda Adams Female
Robert Rosecrans Male
Theodosia Thrall Female
Titus Adams Male
Daniel Spelman Male
Eber Spelman Male
Apollos Spelman Male
Sylvester Spelman Male
Samuel Spelman Male
Aaron Spelman Male
Statira Spelman Female
John Johnson Male
Charlotte Spelman Female
Orren Howland Male
Elsamana Spelman Female
John Cade Male
Lucy Thrall Female
Eber Spelman Male
Almira Thrall Female
Samuel Leonard Male
William Kilbourne Thrall Male
Phoebe Thurston Female
New chart
Charlotte C Thrall Female
Orasems Daniel Hough Male
James B. Thrall Male
Charlotte Kilbourn Female
Barbara Thrall Female
Hiram J Eggleston Male
Nancy Thrall Female
Aurelius Thrall Male
Katherine Mezer Female
Rosetta Thrall Female
Henry Mather Thrall Male
Jane Thrall Female
New chart
Sarah Thrall Female
Peter Van Houten Male
Almira Thrall Female
Marella Thrall Female
Mary Ann Thrall Female
Nanet Thrall Female
Adela Thrall Female
Colton Mather Thrall Male
Sarah Jones Female
Sarah Thrall Female
Jacob Goodrich Male
Mary Ann Thrall Female
George Dean Male
Abigail Thrall Female
Ira Wood Male
George Plumb Male
Lucy Thrall Female
Azel Mead Male
Barbary Thrall Female
Rachel Smith Thrall Female
James Monroe Thrall Male
William Mead Thrall Male
Samuel Monroe Thrall, II Male
Eunice Philena Griffin Female
New chart
Rachael Jemima Thrall Female
William Mead Thrall Male
Sarah Jane Williams Female
New chart
James Cooley Thrall Male
Lucy Enfield Dowell Female
Timothy Cooley Thrall Male
Joseph Smith Thrall Male
Samuel Monroe Thrall, I Male
Mahalia Mead Female
Alexander Thrall Male
Irene Walsefield Female
George Evans Thrall Male
Joan Maria Pratt Female
New chart
Roxana Louisa Thrall Female
Charles Sherman Male
Mary Jane Thrall Female
Lyman Atwood Thrall Male
Roxana Atwood Female
Edwin Thrall Male
Homer H Thrall Male
Anna E Hartwell Female
New chart
Sarah Thurston Female
Hugh Thrall Male
Mary Elvira Thrall Female
Elvira Thrall Female
Marshall Smith Male
George W Thrall Male
Emma Travis Female
New chart
William C. Thrall Male
Mary Chase West Female
Elmira Thrall Female
Ross Welch Male
Wesley Thrall Male
Francis H Thrall Female
A H Brundage Male
Timothy Thrall Male
Amanda Miller Female
New chart
Fidelia A Thrall Female
Jefferson P Maynard Male
Timothy Lyman Thrall Male
Sarah Thurston Female
Samuel Thrall Male
Triphosa Cooley Female
Orlando M Thrall Male
Betsey Mead Female
Rosetta M Thrall Female
William Paige Male
Anson R Thrall Male
Mary Stadler Female
Polly Scott Female
Olive Loveland Thrall Female
Orlando L Castle Male
New chart
Homer Thrall Male
Emma B Gardner Female
New chart
Emily M Thrall Female
Simon R Wright Male
Linus G Thrall Male
Lucy Walcott Female
Aaron W Thrall Male
Helen Marion Thrall Female
Benjamn Loch Lang Male
New chart
Clotilde Teresa Thrall Female
Seneca Brown Thrall Male
Mary E Brooks Female
New chart
Teresa Rosetta Thrall Female
Edmund L Joy Male
New chart
Lynas Anson Thrall Male
Adele Phoebe Thrall Female
Udolph Taylor Male
Taylor Thrall Male
Professor Homer L Thrall Male
Parthenia Rugg Female
Aaron Thrall Male
Olive Loveland Female
? Thrall
? Thrall
? Thrall
Timothy Thrall Male
Doctor William Randall Thrall Male
Hannah Gallagher Female
New chart
Reverand Henry Thrall Male
Caroline M Thrall Female
George C. Benham Male
New chart
Captain Theron Russell Thrall Male
Emma G Kronenlitter Female
William Barlow Thrall Male
Nancy Graham Female
Maria Rockwell Female
Jesse Thrall Male
Reverend Stephen Chipman Thrall Male
Mary Van Lieu Female
New chart
Reuben Roland Thrall Male
Mary Elizabeth Clark Female
New chart
Luther Thrall Male
Laura Chipman Female
George W Thrall Male
Charlotte M N Thrall Female
Reuben Rose Thrall Male
Calista Trumbull Female
New chart
Lucien G Thrall Male
Josephine A Ortman Female
Martha Bristol Female
New chart
Reverend George E Thrall Male
Tomasina Gist Female
New chart
Charlotte Bostwick Female
Melissa H S Thrall Female
Elizur G Webster Male
New chart
Mary I Thrall Female
Thomas O Phinney Male
New chart
Walter Thrall Male
Harriet Mulliken Female
Ellen K Thrall Female
? Unknown Male
Annette Thrall Female
Clara Thrall Female
Charlotte B Thrall Female
Frederick Chaffee Male
New chart
William B Thrall Male
Frances C Durfee Female
New chart
Mary A Mooney Female
George E Thrall Male
Jessie Clarkson Female
New chart
Jane E Thrall Female
Edward H Randall Male
New chart
Frances L Thrall Female
Major Colonel W S Gibson Male
New chart
Henry B Thrall Male
Reuben Rose Thrall Male
Elizabeth H Gove Female
George W Doan Male
Emily R Greenhow Female
Harriet M Doan Female
Samuel A Moore Male
Cornelia Doan Female
John Hanna Male
Noble T Doan Male
Mary A Berry Female
Clement Doan Male
Rachel Edmondson Female
Mary A Crooks Female
Charlotte Thrall Female
Guy W Doane Male
Jesse Thrall Male
Mehitable Rose "Mabel Rose" Female
Dr. Joel Thrall Male
Oliver Thrall Male
Doctor Aaron Thrall Male
Orilla Thrall Female
Johnson Brown Male
Caroline Thrall Female
Samuel Cooper Male
Benjamin Franklin Thrall Male
Margaret Rice Female
New chart
Homer G Thrall Male
Mary Sutton Female
New chart
Mary Thrall Female
Henry Thrall Male
Lyman Thrall Male
Lucy Thrall Female
? Schofield Male
Lyman Thrall Male
Abby Unknown Female
Hester Parker Female
Thomas G Boylan Male
Richard Corrine Male
William M Snook Male
Mary Ann Parker Female
Grant Scofield Male
Alfred Parker Male
Wealthy Coe Female
Newton Parker Male
Lorana Christopher Whitehead Female
New chart
Clarissa Parker Female
John Lawrence Male
Caroline Parker Female
Dr. Frank Whitehead Male
Thomas Parker Male
Mary Ford Female
Edith Parker Female
Frank Elliott Male
Adeline Parker Female
Isaac Mead Male
Mary Thrall Female
Rev. Thomas Parker Male
Eleazur N Thrall Male
Sarah Martindale Female
New chart
Harriet M Thrall Female
Doctor A W Buell Male
New chart
Aaron B Thrall Male
Charlotte Thrall Female
Abraham P Parish Male
New chart
George O Thrall Male
Phoebe Baker Female
Edward N Thrall Male
William H Thrall Male
Mary Warner Female
New chart
Henry S Thrall Male
Martha Stimpson Female
New chart
Lewis Lysander Thrall Male
Euretta Miranda Roberts Female
New chart
Corwin Thrall Male
Rosetta Hillman Female
New chart
Franklyn R Thrall Male
Melissa Hall Female
New chart
Martha N Thrall Female
King K Hill Male
New chart
Eliphas Thrall Male
Julia A Nichols Female
Eliza Thrall Female
Rank Kidwell Male
Delia Thrall Female
Edgar G Ogden Male
New chart
Sarah Thrall Female
John Campbell Male
New chart
Robert T Thrall Male
John Eberly Thrall Male
Laura Compton Female
New chart
Daniel Thrall Male
William B Thrall Male
Caroline Thrall Female
Eliphas Thrall Male
Caroline Harris Female
New chart
Harriet Thrall Female
L A Austin Male
Doctor Benjamin F Thrall Male
Eliza Pyle Female
Lizzie Thrall Female
Amos Morgan Male
Nancy Thrall Female
Laura Lucinda Thrall Female
Solon Gould Male
Emmaline Thrall Female
Bryden Thrall Male
Hannah Caroline Thrall Female
Rev. Charles W Campbell Male
Leonidas Worthy Thrall Male
Edith Flint Female
Emily Jones Female
New chart
Worthy Thrall Male
Hannah James Female
Eliphas Thrall Male
Polly Mead Female
Minerva Thrall Female
Stephen Johnson Male
Friend Griswold Male
Harvey Griswold Male
Deborah Griswold Female
Lucy Griswold Female
Lewis Griswold
Leicester Griswold
Minerva Griswold
Sarah Thrall Female
Arthur Griswold Male
Friend Thrall Male
Jerusha Drake Female
Jane Thrall Female
Daniel Martin Male
Caroline C Thrall Female
Q P Knight Male
Helen Thrall Female
I C Olds Male
Emily Thrall Female
Sarah C Thrall Female
G W Blackman Male
New chart
Harvey Thrall Male
Laura Griswold Female
Deborah Thrall Female
John Knox Male
Lucy Thrall Female
Shubel Smith Male
Samuel L Thrall Male
Leister Thrall Male
Captain Worthy Thrall Male
Sarah Phelps Female
Lurena Thrall Female
Henry Hewett Male
Theodosia Thrall Female
Judson Gorham Male
Mary Thrall Female
Jacob Bailey Male
Roseman Thrall
Gates Thrall Male
Emeroy Thrall Female
John C Batcheller Male
Jonathan C Thrall Male
Betsey Gates Female
Samuel T Thrall Male
Chauncy Townsend Thrall Male
Lydia Stafford Female
New chart
Lydia T Thrall Female
George Calvin Thrall Male
Lura Bump Jefferson Female
New chart
Samuel C Thrall Male
David Holden Thrall Male
Frank Chipman Thrall Male
Mary Townsend Female
Rollin Chauncy Thrall Male
Aurilla L Deland Female
New chart
Lura Thrall Female
Mary Elizabeth Thrall Female
Lura Elizabeth Thrall Female
Benjamin B Thrall Male
Samuel Hanson Thrall Male
Chauncy Thrall Male
Caroline Blanchard Female
Samuel Thrall Male
Samuel O Thrall Male
Charles O Thrall Male
Catherin Marie Thrall Female
Rev. E W Jenney Male
New chart
Rev. Joseph Brainerd Thrall Male
Anna Dutton Graves Female
New chart
George Sanford Thrall Male
Julia Mulford Stone Female
New chart
Rev. William Herbert Thrall Male
Clara E Tucker Female
New chart
Ella Jewett Female
Mary Ella Thrall Female
Rev. Samuel R Thrall Male
Miriam Hunt Bowman Female
Chauncy Thrall Male
Polly Chipman Female
Hulda Mead Female
Mary Mead Female
Lucy Mead Female
Hiram Mead Male
Henry Stark Mead Male
Mary J. Calhoun Ford Female
Chauncy Thrall Mead Male
Elizabeth Lnu Female
Solomon G Mead Male
Andalucia Mead Female
John R Quackenbush Male
William H Mead Male
Martha M Mead Female
Brig. General Oliver Lyman Spaulding Male
New chart
Chipman H Mead Male
Mary Jane Mead Female
Brig. General Oliver Lyman Spaulding Male
George Flavel Mead Male
Orpha Marilla Stark Female
New chart
Helon Mead Male
Martha Edgerton Stark Female
Polly Thrall Female
Solomon Mead Male
Paul Sawyer Male
Mary Thrall Female
New chart
Lucy Winchell Female
Samuel Thrall Male

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