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Sandridgebury, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England

Sandridgebury, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England


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Robert Thrale (the elder) farmed Sandridgebury until he died in 1538. Richard William Thrale and his family lived at Sandridgebury from 1978 until around 2020.


After the Dissolution of the Monasteries there was a conflict with the Rowlatt family who then owned the Manor of Sandridge. The Thrales had obtained a 40-year lease on Sandridgebury from the Monastery and were still there in 1542, though the lessor's deeds were lost.

Sandridgebury 1905.

In 1951
Earl Spencer of Althorp offered the estate for sale by auction which included:
  • the house;
  • Bury Farm; and
  • five enclosures of arable land.

School use 1966-1973

In 1966 it became a school when Hardenwick School moved in and absorbed Aylesford House School which moved from London Road, St Albans.

Advertisement for Hardenwick, after the move to Sandridgebury in 1966. Credit: LHS archives..

Hardenwick School closed circa 1969 and the MacIver family of Boston USA bought it to run a private boarding school for US high school children. This school closed around 1973.

1978 onwards

In 1978 Richard William Thrale, co-author of Historic Sandridge bought the whole of the very dilapidated main building at Sandridgebury and saved it from demolition. Much remedial work was done to convert the mansion into three superb establishments. A complete re-roofing was undertaken even before the completion of the purchase. A dividing wall was built from the cellars to the crutch of the roof, and one unit was sold in November 1979. Richard Thrale continued to refurbish the shell into a beautiful home that became known as Sandridgebury House and took up residence in March 1981. The Old School House and Coach House were separately divided off, occupied and refurbished. Sandridgebury became home to four families.

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Location : Latitude: 51.781356783648754, Longitude: -0.31482696533203125


Village shield
Village shield
Sandridge village shield
Sandridgebury in 1950
Sandridgebury in 1950
Sandridgebury, Sandridge
Sandridgebury, Sandridge
Card by H. W. Lane,
43 St Peters Street,
St Albans

Early 20th century
Sandridgebury 2013
Sandridgebury 2013
Property sold for £1,650,000
Entrance gates, Sandridgebury
Entrance gates, Sandridgebury
Entrance gate on the lane leading to Sandridgebury Farm, though not the entrance to the farm.

Hardenwick School calendar
Hardenwick School calendar
The school was at Sandridgebury from 1966 - 1971
Enthralling tales of Thrale family's colourful past
Tribute to Richard W Thrale in local paper after his death

A Newer Thraliana
A Newer Thraliana
The most comprehensive & recently updated book on the history of the Thrale family of Hertfordshire by Richard William Thrale.
A New Thraliana
A New Thraliana
A chronicle of the Thrale family of Hertfordshire by Richard William Thrale, building on the Thrale chapter from the 1952 book Historic Sandridge.


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1 Thrale, Alban  Sandridgebury, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England I345 UK Thrale family 
2 Thrale, Richard  Sandridgebury, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England I125 UK Thrale family 
3 Thrale, Richard  Sandridgebury, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England I328 UK Thrale family 
4 Thrale, Richard William  1978 - 2013Sandridgebury, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England I197 UK Thrale family 
5 Thrale, Robert  Sandridgebury, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England I334 UK Thrale family 
6 Thrale, Robert  Sandridgebury, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England I343 UK Thrale family 
7 Thrale, Thomas  Abt 1558Sandridgebury, Sandridge, Hertfordshire, England I332 UK Thrale family