thrale & thrall family history


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Hic conditur quod reliquum est
Qui res seu civiles, seu domesticas, ita egit,
Ut vitam illi longiorem multi optarent;
Ita sacras,
Ut quam brevem esset habiturus praescire videretur.
Simplex, apertus, sibique semper similis,
Nihil ostentavit aut arte fictum aut cura
In senatu, regi patriaeque
Fideliter studuit;
Vulgi obstrepentis contemptor animosus,
Domi inter mille mercaturae negotia
Literarum elegantiam minime neglexit.
Amicis quocunque modo laborantibus,
Conciliis, auctoritate, muneribus adfuit.
Inter familiares, comites, convivas, hospites,
Tam facilis, tam jucundus, ut omnium animos
Ad se alliceret;
Apud impares etiam, et sibi vinculo nullo
Conjunctos, ita acceptus, ut nemini gravis.
Natus 1724. Obiit 1781.
Consortes tumuli habet Rodolphum patrem, strenuum
fortemque virum, et Henricum filium unicum,
quem spei parentum mors inopina decennem praeripuit.
Domus felix et opulenta, quam erexit
Avus, auxitque pater, cum nepote decidit.
Abi viator!
Et vicibus rerum humanarum perspectis,
Aeternitatem cogita!


Here lies what remains
Who managed public and private affairs
in such a way,
That many wished his life
to be longer;
And sacred matters
as if he foresaw
how short his life would be.
Simple, open, and always the same,
He showed nothing either feigned
or elaborately contrived.
In the senate, he served
his king and country faithfully;
Brave despiser of the clamorous crowd,
At home, amidst a thousand commercial concerns,
He did not neglect the elegance of literature.
To friends in whatever distress,
He was present with advice, authority, and gifts.
Among family, companions, guests, and hosts,
So easy, so pleasant,
that he attracted the hearts of all;
Even among those unequal to him,
and bound to him by no tie,
He was so acceptable
that he was a burden to none.
Born 1724. Died 1781.
He shares this tomb with his father Rodolph,
a vigorous and brave man,
and his only son Henry,
whom unexpected death snatched away
at the age of ten.
the happy and wealthy house,
which the grandfather built
and the father augmented,
fell with the grandson.
Go, traveler!
And having observed the vicissitudes of human affairs,
Think on eternity!

Henry Thrale's memorial tablet

Erected on Friday 20 September 1782. The monument is by Joseph Wilton  R.A. who also made George III's coronation coach. The Latin inscription is by Dr. Samuel Johnson.

Status: Located

File namehenry_thrale_memorial.png
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Dimensions290 x 234
Linked toSaint Leonards Church, Streatham, Surrey, England; Henry Thrale, M.P. (Burial)

St Leonards Church, Streatham, Surrey, England

Notes: See also Cemetery records

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