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    Text Hi David, Lovely site! I am so glad I found it. I am inquiring about the source you used to show that Sarah Thrall, wife of Capt. James Ward, died at age 43 in 1748. (You cite "internet" as the source.) She is shown on your site as Universal Identifier 097595E20AEB4439A8890DE3B4F3524CCD9A. I was able to view the original books of the Vital Records of Middletown, CT, today in a search for more information on my Samuel Starr, who married /1/ Elizabeth Jarcie (aka Elizabeth de Jersey.) Elizabeth died August 26, 1768, according to the Births Deaths & Marriages, Vital Statistics of the Town of Middletown, Vol 1, page 26. The next entry, immediately below Elizabeth's death, is "Samuel Starr and Sarah Ward Widow & Relict of Capt. James Ward were Joynt in Marriage Covenant. October 30th 1768". This was followed by "Samuel Starr aforesd. Died July 27. 1778". The Barbour Records of Middletown show an entry for Sarah Thrall, as such: "Sarah, of Windsor, m James WARD of Middletown, Feb 17, 1724/25" (see The Barbour Records also show Sarah's second marriage to Samuel STARR as "Samuel, m Sarah WARD, wid of Capt. James, Oct 30, 1768" (see

    Perhaps there were two Sarah Thralls who married Capt. James Wards of Middletown, CT. Stranger things have happened! On the other hand...Samuel would have been a contemporary of Sarah's, as he was born January 6, 1703/4 according to the Vital Records of Middletown, Vol 0, pg 72. So it is not unlikely that they knew each other.

    I thought you might be interested in this information - it's just FYI. I am descended from Samuel's first marriage to Elizabeth and have no vested interest in Sarah Thrall Ward Starr, except that your site is so excellent in other ways that I am sure you want your information to be as accurate as possible.
    Lynn Marshall
    14 April 2006 
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