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Hello, my name is Jill Thrale. I am so shocked to find a site that contains my surname. I have just started to do my family tree, and I am going to ask for help to see if you have any information that could help me, out as its been very hard so far to find and understand some of the sites.

Well I'm not sure what to ask now, or is there any information that I could give I was born in East Ham, London, My dads name is Raymond Thrale, and His dad was Stanley Victor Thrale. My problem is that I can't go back any further than that!!!!! So I'm trying to find any records on Stanley. Where should I go???? cos I'm lost!

Any information would be a great help or any information that I could give to help you do not hesitate to contact me.

Family Tree
DAD mums name............Lucy Jane Powler
Dads dads name...........Stanley Victor Thrale
Brothers.................Stanley (oldest)
Tommy (not alive) Dolly (female twin)

Dolly married to Scottish man - kids Alistair & John

half brother.............Freddy

something to do with Australia.

seaman navy, all brothers were in the navy and the World War 2. dad run a pub
in Custom House Old Street. The griffing of Great Eastern Street.

Dads dads spent time in Australia, brothers Joe,(Mounted Policeman in Canada) brother chick (nickname) thinks another brother may have have two sisters called Sarah or Alice. Grans sister called Alice, Canberra.

Jill Thrale

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Hi Jill

I can't find a family link based on the information that you sent me. A good step would be to trace you grandfather's father. This should be quite easy you will need to get hold of your grandfathers birth certificate. If you don;'t have that you can get it quite easily from the Public Records Office in London.

If you find anything else about your family - especially your grandfather's father - do let me know. I will be able to add it to the site and hopefully find the missing link to the big Thrale family tree that you are looking for. The Thrale family tree at now has 800 people on it of which over 200 were born with the name Thrale. owner: David Thrale | My blog | Family motto: In cruce confido

Well I finally got round to it and found a bit more info, using the census from 1901, my granddad was born in 1897 he had a sister called Sarah J. Thrale and a brother called Thomas H.P. Thrale. I think he must of had a few more brothers and sister as Sarah was only 2 years of age and Thomas was 6 months. My great grandfather was Thomas H. Thrale who was born in 1873 and my great gran was Alice M. Thrale born 1876. They lived in Woolwich or Charlton or even both.

My family was talking the other day and I believe we was contacted years ago about our family tree, and it was said that we could be something to do with the Croydon family, but I am unsure. We did nothing about at the time as my mum and dad was not living in this country and know one new much about our tree and know one can remember who contacted us. So sorry if its anyone reading this.

So if anyone can help me out or remember any of these name please let me know.

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Jill. Many thanks for the additional information, which I have added to the Thrale family tree.

Your grandfather Stanley Victor Thrale could not have been born in 1897, as his birth was registered at Woolwich between 1 Oct 1896 and 31 Dec 1896. He was almost certainly born in 1896.

There is no Sarah J Thrale in the register of births. It is almost certainly Sarah Spencer Thrale who was registered at Woolwich in the Sept 1898 quarter.

Thomas HP was Thomas Henry P Thrale and his birth was registered at Woolwich in the December 1900 quarter.

The register of births shows 11 other Thrale births at Woolwich around this time, so it is very likely that there were other brothers and sisters!

Thomas Henry Thrale - your g grandfather - had his birth registered in the September 1872 quarter.

I couldn't link your family into the main tree, even with your g. grandfather's name - which is surprising. The next step is to get your gg grandfather's name. This is best done by getting a copy of Thomas Henry Thrale's birth certificate. If you quote his name and the ref Vol 1d, page 931, this is costs about £6.

I will separately email you a printout of what your bit of the family tree for you to check, as some of your first explanation is unclear to me! owner: David Thrale | My blog | Family motto: In cruce confido

I have looked at the attachment and it seems ok. My Dad Raymond Thrale was a child when he lived in the Great Eastern Pub. I believe his father Stanley Victor Thrale ran it. Also my dad is the youngest in his family. I'm not sure of the order of the others but will work on it.

I have two sisters and a brother so they can be added to our part of the tree and we have little ones as well. My brother is Paul Raymond Thrale and will get round to logging on one day as I would think you would be very interested in him as he has been doing some work on the Thrale house down in south London, and strange enough knows and lot of things regarding the Thrale name.

If you would like any more info regarding my tree bit please ask. The man who phone us regarding the family tree was a Trevor Thrale or really that's what someone remembered but it was about 10/15 yeas ago so it could be anyone's guess....!!!

Also I have tried to access the family tree you have done so far and I can not open it or if I do it just a long list of names and date I have tried to get GEDCOM but this seems hard to do too. You used to have it so the family tree was written how normal trees are, do you still do that???

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Thanks for the information. I'd be happy to add your sisters and the 'little ones' if you want. Just tell me their names and who their parents are. It would be great to hear from Paul, and even better to hear about his family history research.

I know of one Trevor Thrale, who is now in his forties. If that could be the Trevor Thrale that you mention, I have an email address for one of his brothers and I'm sure I could put you in touch with him.

I still have the old family tree in the traditional tree format. It is here. The problem with this is that it was very hard to keep updated, and doesn't contain much beyond name, birth and death dates.

The family tree now has 1144 people and could not be done this way. I appreciate that GEDCOMs can be confusing for people that aren't computer minded, so I have put a computer family tree system on the website. If you search for your your granddad by entering Stanley Victor Thrale in the search box, you are shown his name, click on his name and you are shown a page with his details. If you click on the tree (near the top on the right) you will see a traditional family tree for your immediate family.

The beauty of this is that immediately that I enter new people, their details are available on the website. The software I use at home can printout nicer trees, and I have emailed this to you direct.

If you want to try using the GEDCOM, you will be able to see all the information that I have (the other ways don't give your everything). First you need to get software that can open GEDCOM files. There are loads that do. I use Family Tree Maker (which costs about £30). You can download Legacy family tree from the Internet and it is FREE. There are loads of others as well.

Once you have the software, you simply download the Thrale latest Thrale GEDCOM file from and select File | Import from the menu.

Let me know if you need any more help. owner: David Thrale | My blog | Family motto: In cruce confido

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Hi I'm Casey and I live in Canmore do you know Jeff Thrale son or grandson for Henry Thrale?

Casey owner: David Thrale | My blog | Family motto: In cruce confido