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John Godman, Sarah Thrale and their children

I have in my family tree a Sarah Thrale b 2nd June 1744 Wheathampstead and baptised 24th June 1744. She was the daughter of Thomas Thrale and Elizabeth. She married John Godman 2nd Feb 1768 St Stephen's St Albans. She had three children John 1769, John 1773 and Elizabeth 1771, who was baptised at Hammonds Farm?

Has anyone ever heard of my Sarah Thrale. I believe that I have located her on the on-line family tree but would like any help or info.

Never thought I would find a website on what is a rare name.

Paula Hinds

Hi Paula.

Looking at all the Sarah Thrale's I have (nine of them), none match your Sarah. So next I looked for any Thomas Thrale's that married an Elizabeth - there are five of these! Of these five only two are around anywhere near the right sort of time, these two are ...

  1. Thomas Thrale (son of John Thrale b. 13 February 1693/94 and Anne) who died in 1770. I don't have any children for them on the Thrale family tree,
  2. Thomas Thrale (son of Richard Thrale and Anne Andrews) who married Elizabeth Smith on 15 December 1724. The Thrale family tree indicates that they had at least 4 children, of which 3 were born between 1726 and 1735 (the birth year of one of the four, Elizabeth, is unknown).

Of these two, the first seems more likely only because the latter is unlikely to have had 4 kids and then had a nine year break before having a fifth. Of course it might be neither of these and may be another Thomas and Elizabeth of which we know nothing.

To work where your Sarah Thrale fits in, we need to do a little more digging! To get started perhaps you could tell me anything more you know about these individuals - any more facts, any details of siblings, uncles aunts or other relationships, grandparents maybe? What would be very useful would be to know the source of the information that you already have, so that we can go back and look at the original documents (e.g. the parish register, etc) for more clues.

Whilst you are replying, I'll add, as yet unconnected individuals to the Thrale family tree. I look forward to hearing from you.

The first one does seem much more likely and it is Thomas the son of John and Anne that I am trying to find out about

I don't know much more about my Thrales. Sarah had a sister Mary Thrale b 2nd Sep 1745 and c 22nd Sep 1745. I believe that Mary married 1st October 1767 in St Albans to a John Hunt although I need to verify this.

Sarah's husband John Godman had a sister Mary who married William Wilsher. They had a son George who married an Ann Newbury. George's son John Wilsher married Sarah Thrale daughter of Ralph Thrale and Abigail Birchmore. I find it quite interesting that he was probably distantly related to his wife.


I have only just seen your message about the descendants of Sarah and John. Of course I would love to receive details of their descendants. If you would be so kind as to email these to me, I'll repay you by posting the details on my website in the family tree.

David, congratulations on the new look web site. It looks fantastic.We found your site when investigating our own tree which incorporates John Godman who married Sarah Thrale in St Albans.

We wondered if you could shed any more light on the history of Sarah Thrale as the tree seems to grind to a halt and we need to know Sarah's connection the rest of the family. My line is through the Fernee's (married to a Thrale) whom I believe were Hugueonots.

Any help would be much appreciated as this is our missing link.

Tony & Cathy Martin
18 Mitta Cr