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Jill Thrale's 30 January 2002 email

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  • Title Jill Thrale's 30 January 2002 email 
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    Text Hello, my name is Jill Thrale. I am so shocked to find a site that contains my surname. I have just started to do my family tree, and I am going to ask for help to see if you have any information that could help me, out as its been very hard so far to find and understand some of the sites.

    Well I'm not sure what to ask now, or is there any information that I could give I was born in East Ham, London, My dads name is Raymond Thrale, and His dad was Stanley Victor Thrale. My problem is that I can't go back any further than that!!!!! So I'm trying to find any records on Stanley. Where should I go???? cos I'm lost!

    Any information would be a great help or any information that I could give to help you do not hesitate to contact me.

    DAD mums name............Lucy Jane Powler
    Dads dads name...........Stanley Victor Thrale
    Brothers.................Stanley (oldest)
    Tommy (not alive) Dolly (female twin)

    Dolly married to Scottish man - kids Alistair & John

    half brother.............Freddy

    something to do with Australia.

    seaman navy, all brothers were in the navy and the World War 2. Dad run a pub
    in Custom House Old Street. The griffing of Great Eastern Street.

    Dads dads spent time in Australia, brothers Joe,(Mounted Policeman in Canada) brother chick (nickname) thinks another brother may have have two sisters called Sarah or Alice. Grans sister called Alice, Canberra.

    Jill Thrale
    30 January 2002 - 8:24pm 
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