Seventh generation

  • Posted on: 20 September 2009
  • By: David Thrale

Of Jesse Thrall's descendants: Luther, the first child of Jesse and Mabel, was born in Rutland, Vt., April 25, 1792. He lived in the same parish in 1860--married Laura Chipman, May 19, 1824. They had three children: Stephen C., who is a clergyman in the Episcopal Church, and in 1860 was Rector of Trinity Church in San Francisco, California. He married Mary Van Lien, and in 1861 received the degree of D. D., conferred by Columbia College, New York. Luther's other children were Reuben and Jesse, the latter of whom died young. Luther is a farmer in comfortable circumstances, and very much respected.

WALTER, the second child of Jesse and Mabel, was born in Rutland, Vt., on Friday, May 2, 1794. In 1815 he emigrated to Ohio. He married Harriet Mulliken, April 18, 1820. They had seven children: George W., Reuben R., LUCIAN G., George E., Charlotte M. N., Melissa H S., and Mary A. George W. and Charlotte died young. Walter was, in 1814, before he was twenty years old, a sergeant in the army of the United States; a Colonel in the militia of Ohio in 1828. He was a Free Mason, an Attorney at Law.

In 1858 he was elected and commissioned a Judge of the Probate Court of Pickaway County, O. He became a member of the Episcopal Church in 1817. He was a member of the Convention in 1818, which elected Bishop Chase the first Bishop of the Diocese of Ohio; and also a member of the Convention in 1831. which elected Bishop Mcllvaine, as he was of that in 1859, which elected Bishop Befell.

Reuben R., the third son of Jesse and Mabel; was born December 5. 1795 He married Elizabeth H. Gove, July 14, 1829, who died September 17, 1849. They had nine children: Ellen K., (an adopted daughter,) Charlotte, Annette, Jane E., Frances L., Clara, Henry B, William and George. Annette, Clara, and Henry B. died young. Charlotte married Frederick Chaffee, October 31, 1850. He is a thrifty merchant, in Rutland, Vermont. Ellen K. is married, and lives near San Francisco, California. William was a Lieutenant in the army in 1862; he is married, his family living in Rutland. Reuben R. is an attorney, possesses considerable property, has a large circle of friends, and is a communicant in Episcopal Church.

William B., the fourth son of Jesse and Mabel, was born in Rutland, Vt., June 18, 1798. He learned the art of printing in Rutland, and settled in Ohio in 1817; located in Circleville in 1819; married Nancy Graham, August 6, 1822. She died July 26, 1823. He married Maria Rockwell, February 1, 1825. They had nine children, five of whom died young.

William R. is a physician. He was a surgeon in the Russian army in the Crimean war of 1854, '55, and '56; and a surgeon in the Union army in 1862. He married Hannah Galligher, of Zanesville, July 14, 1859. He is a Free Mason.

Henry, at the age of 22, commanded a company of 100 volunteers from Columbus, called by the President for the defence of Washington City; was in the battle of Bull Run and shortly after received from the President a commission as Assistant Adjutant General. He is now (1862) on the staff of Maj. Gen. Fremont.

Caroline married George C. Benham. He is an officer in the army of Ohio volunteers, in Kentucky and Tennessee. He is a member of the Masonic fraternity.

Theron R., is the youngest of their children, and is now (June, 1862,) at the age of 17, in command of a company of 75 men, called by the Governor of Ohio, to guard rebel prisoners at Camp Chase, near Columbus.

William B. was the editor and proprietor of the "Circleville Herald," for about twenty-five years, and for several years was Mayor of Circleville. He was a Judge of the Court of Common Pleas. In 1837 he was a member of the Legislature of Ohio. In 1859 he was elected Comptroller of the Treasury of Ohio. He is a prominent Free Mason, having, for a succession of years, presided over the several governing bodies of that Order in the State.

Charlotte, the only living daughter of Jesse and Mabel, was born in Castleton, Vermont, May 27, 1800. She married Guy W. Doan, February 17, 1821, and settled in Circleville, Ohio, where she has ever since lived. Mr. Doan was an attorney, a man of strict integrity and morality, and of a highly cultivated intellect. He died February 4, 1862. They had ten children, five of whom died young. Their living children are: George W., an attorney, who married Emily R. Greenhow, and settled in Nebraska. He was a member of the Territorial Legislature, and a State's attorney. Harriet M., married Samuel A. Moore, of Circleville, a banker, a man of influence and highly esteemed. Cornelia married John Hanna, of Louisville, Ky., a printer; he is a thorough, active, and honest business man. Noble T., is a printer and lives in Missouri; he married Mary A. Berry. Clement is a printer and editor, and lives in Jasper, Dubois County, Indiana; he married Rachel Edmondson, of that County.

All the sons and the son-in-law of Jesse, were, in 1860, Republicans in politics, as were most of the grand children.

Thanks to Sharon Thrall Becker Sharon Thrall Becker, whose kind assistance and contribution helped to bring this information to you.