Crowmarsh Battle farm

  • Posted on: 22 September 2009
  • By: David Thrale

Known as "The Manor or Lordship of Preston Crowmarsh" or "Crowmarsh Battle". Crowmarsh had by the terms of the Thrales’ marriage settlement, been set aside for an annual payment to Hester Thrale of £200 during Mr. Thrale’s life, and £400 after his death.

Because the marriage settlement was not revoked by Henry Thrale’s will, which left this property to Queeney, the income remained legally Hester Thrale’s, and was later the subject of a legal dispute between Hester Lynch Thrale and her daughter Queeney. Queeney paid Hester £420 annual rental until 1795 and £450 a year afterwards.

In 1795 Queeney disputed the legality of her mother's claim. She was persuaded to withdraw her claim under the terms of her marriage settlement in 1808. Under this settlement they agreed to waive the rent arrears, and set the future rental to be paid by Queeney to her mother at £400 per annum.

Hester Maria Thrale Hester Maria Thrale (Queeney)
17 September 1764 - 31 March 1857
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