Which Thrale's became Members of Parliament?

  • Posted on: 23 September 2009
  • By: David Thrale

William Trayle

William Trayle was Member of Parliament (M.P.) for the County in 1376 and 1381.

Johannes Trayle

Johannes Trayle was Chevalier M.P. for Bedford Borough in 1541.

Michael Thrayle

Michael Thrayle appears as M.P. for the Bedford Borough in 1541.

Ralph Thrale

Ralph Thrale 1698-1758 after Thomas Hudson
Ralph Thrale 1698-1758 was M.P. for Southwark between 1741 and 1747.

Henry Thrale

Henry Thrale after Sir Joshua Reynolds 1777
His son Henry Thrale 1730 - 1781 was also M.P. for Southwark between 23 December 1765 and September 1780. He was re-elected after coming second in the in the 1768 and October 1774 general elections. Henry was a Tory - like all brewers - and was together with Samuel Johnson was a fervent supporter of Lord North. He was defeated in the 1780 election, which included an election address which was written by Dr. Samuel Johnson.

Thomas Scott and Arnold Nesbitt

One of Ralph Thrale's other children was Susannah Thrale. She was twice married, both times to MPs! Her first husband was Thomas Scott M.P. for Bridport 1780-1790. Her second husband was Arnold Nesbitt M.P. (died 1779) for Cricklade between 1761-1768 and 1774-1779.

Jeremiah Crutchley

Henry Thrale's godson, Jeremiah (Joseph) Crutchley (1745 - 1801) sat as M.P. for Horsham 1784-1790. He also owned Sunningdale Park in Berkshire.

George Keith Elphinstone

Admiral George Keith Elphinstone by George Sanders
Queeney Thrale (Henry's eldest child) husband Viscount George Keith of Elphinstone sat as Member of Parliament for Dunbarton from 1781 - 1790, and later was M.P. for Stirlingshire between 1796 and 1802.

Colonel Sir Philip Jennings Clerke

It is speculated (by Hester Thrale in Thraliana dated 1 March 1779) that Henry Thrale's sister Lady Mary Lade (1733-1802) bore an illegitimate child for Colonel Sir Philip Jennings Clerke M.P. (died 1788) after the death of her husband Sir John Lade.1 This is not a definitive list, and there could well be further Thrale MPs. Please tell if you know of any others.

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